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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Fireworks at Disney

Posted by: Jessie | April 29, 2012

Moonshiner 28

Eric rode his Honda down from Cincinnati and met me in Macon, GA.  We had dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse.  We got an early start in the morning and headed to Walhalla, SC where the Moonshiner 28 begins.

Moonshiner 28 is a beautiful two-lane highway that goes from Walhalla, SC to Robbinsville, NC.  It ends at US 129, just south of Deal’s Gap.   It goes through small towns, mountains, waterfalls and lakes.   The road is twisty, the scenery is beautiful, and the speed limit is 55 mph.  This road is historical because it was one of the major runs for moonshiners during prohibition.   It has become my new favorite road!

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Posted by: Jessie | April 28, 2012

On The Road Again

The next day Stefanie, Rob, and the children got on a plane and flew back to Wisconsin.  Dad and Marilyn took me to St. Pete Powersports to pick up my bike.  They gave us the old parts to take back with us.

Dad believes that motorcycles are dangerous, so he was trying to get someone to say “It’s lucky she didn’t crash and die” but nobody would say that.  He kept asking “If this part had given out when she was on the highway, what would have happened?”  Well, I explained to him I would have lost power and had to pull over.  In his mind “losing power” means that I would have gone from 50 mph to 0 mph instantly.  He doesn’t seem to understand that my motorcycle has a manual transmission, which means that I would have pulled in the clutch or shifted into neutral.  This would allow me to coast along and lose speed gradually.  I would have used the brake to slow down and stop once I found a good place to pull over.

Anyway, St. Pete Powersports did a great job of putting my bike back together.  I was on the road again!  I rode about 400 miles to Perry, Georgia.  There I met up with Eric and we took a couple of days to ride home via Moonshiner 28 and Deal’s Gap.

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Posted by: Jessie | April 27, 2012

Animal Kingdom

I don’t know how new the Animal Kingdom park is, but I hadn’t  heard of it before.  It turned out to be my favorite of the three parks we visited.  This park has a zoo, shows, and rides.  And, of course, there were Disney characters signing autographs, which was my nieces’ favorite.  The rides were great.  on the Kilimanjaro Safari we all got on a bus and drove through the different animal enclosures.   We saw elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos and more.  Another favorite was the Expedition Everest roller coaster featuring the Yeti.  The Kali River Rapids was wonderful.  There was also a show with acrobats dressed as characters from The Lion King, and we saw another musical show with giant puppets from Finding Nemo.

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Posted by: Jessie | April 26, 2012

Hollywood Studios

The next day was Hollywood Studios.  The kids were all about collecting autographs, so we spent a lot of time waiting in line for pictures.  We also saw a lot of shows.  There were three rides I really enjoyed.  One was called the Tower of Terror, which is a Twilight Zone themed roller coaster that drops you several stories straight down.  Another was the Aerosmith themed roller coaster, which is indoors and in the dark so you can barely see the track.  I don’t remember what the other one is called, but it is a Star Wars themed 4D movie experience.  You feel like you are on a roller coaster, but you don’t really go anywhere.  C3PO is driving and you are chased by Darth Vader and the storm troopers.  It was very cool.

The day ended with the most spectacular laser show I have ever seen.  It involved projection on water fountains, lasers, music, boats, Disney characters, and dragons!

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