Posted by: Jessie | August 26, 2009


We were talking about gear the other night.  I’ve always been a strong advocate for gear.  Anyone who has ever been down on a bike will tell you that it’s a good idea to wear protective clothing.  Years ago we had very few choices.  A leather jacket, a pair of chaps, some good work boots.  As motorcycling has become more popular the world of gear has expanded.  Now there is a wide range of good looking and technically advanced items to choose from.  They are even making gear for women now.  There is still the standard leather jacket, but now we have jackets with vents, or even mesh jackets for really hot days.  We have choices of leather, textile, or mesh overpants, with and without armor.  There are even abrasion resistant jeans.   You can get full-on race boots that don’t allow your foot to bend enough to injure your ankle, touring boots, or even armored tennis shoes.  You can get warm gloves, waterproof gloves, mesh gloves, all with or without armor.  Nowadays there is no excuse not to wear protection.  Unless you’re a tough guy.
One very hot day I rode out to Friendship, IN.  This is a small town in the middle of nowhere.  It’s a very pretty nowhere, so a lot of bikers like to ride there.  I stopped at the Harley bar to cool off with a diet coke.  None of the local Harley riders wear gear.  They are all though guys.  As I was taking off my helmet and my mesh jacket someone asked me “Why do you wear that?  Isn’t it hot?”  I told them that my jacket was made out of abrasion resistant mesh and had armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back.  Once I get moving the air moves right through it like nothing.  And it keeps the sun off me.  I told them I wear it because my husband thinks I’m pretty and I want to keep it that way. 
I did fall off my bike once.  I got a small hole in my armored pants, a small hole in my armored jacket, a big scrape on my helmet, a scuff on my boots, a bruise on my hip, and a bigger bruise on my ego.  I put a patch on the holes and bought a new helmet.  If the guy in the above picture had been wearing appropriate gear he would still have skin on his arm and leg.
So, are you convinced?  Are you interested in getting some new gear?  With the increasing popularity of motorcycles there has become quite a bit of competition in the gear industry.  It is not difficult to find deals.  If you like to shop online, check out some of these websites:
Both of these places have excellent customer service.  Returns are easy.  New Enough will answer your questions by phone and by email.  One guy even went back and got a pair of pants and measured the waist for me so I would be sure to order the right size. has some good deals too, but their customer service is not so good. also has some good deals.
If you’re not convinced yet I have one more poster for you.  I got this off

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