Posted by: Jessie | September 16, 2009


Bike Night at the Comet

Bike Night at the Comet

I went to bike night at the Comet last night.  I really enjoy bike night at the Comet.  I like to see what interesting bikes are out there, what people have done to customize their own bikes, and I like the friendly people who gather there.  I rode my little Suzuki cruiser (aka stinky rat bike) because it is little and easy to park and maneuver in crowded places.  Eric rode his shiny collector’s bike, his R100S.  Eric parked in front of the patio area next to a vintage custom chopper and a custom café racer.  I parked at the end of the row where it wasn’t so crowded.  When I got back to the patio Mr. KTM asked me why I didn’t park next to him.  Did I not want to be seen next to a KTM?  I told him I didn’t not want to contaminate his nice KTM with my stinky rat bike.  It needs carb work and leaks gas on my shoe.  The smell from the exhaust would ruin his beer.  Anyway, while we were standing there talking a young guy came by on a sport bike.  He was trying to show off and it didn’t work out for him.  His bike went down and slid a few feet taking out the nice little café racer, which fell on the KTM.  The kid got up, apparently unhurt, and picked his bike up.  I went inside.  If things got ugly I did not want to see it.

Mr. KTM came inside a few minutes later.  He said the kid did not have insurance.  The café racer’s fairing was broken, tank dented, and fender dented.  (I’m sure it had more damage then that.  I heard it ride away.  It did not sound right.  It did not smell right.)  The insurance would consider it totaled just based on the tank, fairing and fender.  The KTM was scratched, but it’s an adventure bike, and having an extra scratch just makes it look more adventurous. 

So what do you do with that?  You’re a beginning rider, and you have just totaled another guy’s bike.  Not just any bike, a bike with a lot of custom work on it.  Work he has probably done himself.  And you don’t have the money to fix it.  All these people who you were trying to impress now think you’re an idiot.  (Lucky for him this happened at the Comet.  Nice people at the Comet.  If this had happened at a not-so-nice bar he could have been leaving in an ambulance.)

It could have been much worse.  If he had fallen down just a few feet sooner he could have taken out the vintage chopper and the vintage R100S too.  It’s hard to get parts for those bikes.  We’re talking expensive repairs.  A gas tank could be $200 – $500.  A custom paint job could be $2,000

It amazes me how many people in Cincinnati drive without insurance.  Both cars and bikes.  I don’t know if they are trying to “get one over” on the system, or if they just figure they will never get in a wreck, but either way it is irresponsible and stupid to not have insurance.  If you ride a motorcycle you will eventually go down.  Most people have minor accidents when they are first learning.  They take a turn too slow and fall over and scratch the bike, or they take a turn too fast and end up in a ditch.  Most of the time it’s no big deal.  You pick the bike up and keep on going.  Sometimes it is a big deal.  One girl bought a bike and when she was trying to learn to ride it she hit the only parked car in the lot.  Did $1000 damage to the car.  Didn’t have insurance.  Had to sell the bike to pay for the damages. 

Even experienced riders go down.  A friend of mine used to race motorcycles.  He takes pride in the fact he never wrecked on the track.  He hasn’t wrecked on the street in 15 years, until last week.  He has insurance.  He has a choice to either fix his bike or get a new one.  Nice to have a choice.

 When you are considering buying a bike, call around to different insurance companies.  Or even shop insurance online.  Find out how much your insurance is going to be.  If you can’t afford the insurance then you can’t afford that vehicle.  Pick a different bike.  Insurance can be as cheap as $100 per year depending on your bike and on your coverage.  But don’t take the risk of hitting someone else and damaging them or their vehicle and not have the ability to make it right. 

If your bike doesn’t have insurance, click on one of the links below and get a quote.  It’s easy.  Go ahead.  Do the right thing.  You know you want to. 

Cycle Insurance




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