Posted by: Jessie | September 22, 2009

Nothing new… yet…

comet bike night

Not much to blog about tonight.  We went to Bike Night at the Comet.  It was a much smaller crowd then usual.  The weatherman predicted dire evil apocalyptic thunderstorms all week, so not as many people came out.  Still a lot of friendly people and some nice old bikes.  There was a Norton Commando, an 80’s 1000 Interceptor, an 80’s Seca.  There were a lot of new bikes too, but it’s the old ones that catch my eye.

So I found a “new” dashboard for my ’85 Suzuki on ebay.  I put a big fat bid on it because I am not good at getting on the computer and doing a lot of last second bidding.  Lucky for me the other guy didn’t want the part as much as I did.  So I’m waiting for it to arrive.  If I’m lucky then it will arrive this week and maybe Eric will put it on the bike this weekend.

85 gs550l

As I mentioned before, if anyone is looking for new gear now is a good time for it.  The new 2010 gear is coming out and some of the old things are being discontinued.  I’ve been watching the closeouts hoping one of those waterproof windproof fleeces would go on sale because the 2 liners for my mesh jacket are inconvenient to put in and take out of the jacket.  I want less items to have to juggle next year when we go on our big tour.  Well, lucky me, the purple Kilimanjaro jacket has been discontinued and was on closeout.  And I had a gift certificate.  I was able to order a whole new jacket that is not only waterproof, but comes with a windproof waterproof fleece for the same price as just the fleece by a different brand.   Whoo-Hoo!  It’s on sale in both men’s and women’s sizes.  I showed Eric.  He looked away quickly.  “That’s hideous” he said.  No purple jacket for my sweetie, no mater how much on sale it is.  Well, I can’t wait for my ugly jacket to arrive!  This is supposed to be a wonderful jacket for almost all weather conditions.  A real adventure jacket.  We’ll see!

Adventure Jacket!

Adventure Jacket!

I also ordered a couple poster sized prints from Bonneville, I’m waiting for them to arrive.  I’m going to see if Len will put them up in his shop.

So, nothing new today.  Hopefully there will be much newness by the end of the week!


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