Posted by: Jessie | September 29, 2009

Rabbit Hash and Jane’s Saddlebag

Rabbit Hash, KY

Rabbit Hash, KY


Eric cut down my windshield this weekend.  Now I can look over it instead of through it.  I love this!  Now it doesn’t matter if the windshield fogs up.  I don’t have to worry about sun glare.  I don’t have to worry about headlight glare at night.  I can just ride! 

We took the new windshield for a test ride and rode down to Rabbit Hash, KY on Sunday.  It was a lovely ride.  Not too cold, not too hot.  It was overcast when we set out, but the sun came out after a little while.  There was not a whole lot going on in Rabbit Hash this Sunday.  As always, we saw some interesting bikes.  Eric tried to say “Hello” to the new mayor, but since he did not have any food the mayor was not interested. 

For those of you who don’t know about Rabbit Hash, it’s a little tiny “town” on the Ohio river on Kentucky.  There are a couple of antique stores and a historical general store.  Since it is unincorporated the population is difficult to determine.  Some people say 4, some say 40, depending on where the boundries are drawn. You have to take quiet winding back roads to get to Rabbit hash, which makes it a popular motorcycle destination.  The general store sells antiques, snacks, beverages, and souvenirs.  There is usually a grill outside where you can buy hamburgers and sausages.  Rabbit Hash traditionally elects dogs for mayors.  Last year a donkey and a cat also ran for office, but they lost to Lucy Lou the border collie.

There are some concerts coming up in October.  For a schedule of events you can check out their website:

From Rabbit Hash we took a few more quiet winding back roads to Jane’s Saddlebag for dinner.  Jane’s Saddlebag is a charming little stop with friendly people, good food, and a petting zoo.

It turns out that this past Sunday was the last day of the season for Jane’s Saddlebag.  They were closing up and getting ready to go to Florida for the winter.  If you were planning to go, now you have to wait until spring.  It was our lucky day!



  1. Jane’s sounds like a great ride destination. You gonna lead us there next year??

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