Posted by: Jessie | October 1, 2009

Guerrilla Pizza Night



There’s all sorts of cool stuff going on in Northside.  Tonight we went to Pizza Night.  A bunch of people who like to cook take over “Take the Cake” on Hamilton Ave. on Thursday evenings.  They cook up yummy bruschetta and pizza.  It’s $10 to get in, and they keep bringing pizza around until they run out.  It starts at 8pm and goes until around 11pm.  Tonight they had bruschetta with corn and goat cheese, olive tamponade, and avocado and goat cheese.  Pizzas included Margarita, prosciutto and garlic, butternut squash and goat cheese, prosciutto and fig, sopressata and banana peppers, sweet pea and bacon.  Yummy!  You can’t get a deal like this at any regular restaurant.

We sat at the bar today and got a chance to chat with the cooks.  They said next week is the last week, then they are taking a break.  They don’t know if they are going to do something different or continue with Pizza.  I signed up for their email list.  I will let you know when I know!  Or you can sign up for their twitter:

pizza night 4

pizza night 5


pizza night 6


pizza night 2


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