Posted by: Jessie | October 2, 2009

A Very Productive Day

I had SUCH a productive day today!  Eye appointment at 9:30 am.  Bad news, I need new glasses.  They dilated my eyes, so I tried on new frames but I could not read the tags.  I had to flee just to be sure I did not accidently buy a super expensive set of Tiffany frames.  (Can you believe they even HAD Tiffany frames??)  Next thing on my schedule was a flu shot, but since I left the eye glass place early I had time to stop at the jewelry store on my way.  I’m supposed to get my engagement and wedding rings checked once a year to make sure the stones don’t loosen.  I could not even look at the jewelry in the case.  Way too sparkly for my poor dilated eyes.  It was like looking into a case of 1000 multi-colored itty-bitty-mini-suns!  They gave me my ring back and I once again covered my eyes and fled.  After my flu shot I got my teeth cleaned, came home, let the dogs out, had a quick lunch and then off to my hair appointment.  (Phillip at Salon Bastille is a genus.  He always makes me look FABULOUS.)  Then I went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for the Motorcycle-Shaped Pumpkin Spice Rum Cake I making for tomorrow’s open house at Autobahn Craftwerks.  I stopped at Autobahn on my way home.  Apparently this is going to be a great open house.  JR is making beef tips with teriyaki and ginger, Len is making his usual brats.  Eric is making Julia Childs Beef Bourgogne.  (Since he saw Julie & Julia he has been inspired to try this recipe, but he can’t make for me, so this is a perfect opportunity.)

So, since Phillip did my hair and it will never look this wonderful again, we decided to have dinner out before coming home and cooking all night for tomorrow.  We wandered down Mainstrasse and ended up at a delightful little restaurant called Otto’s.  We were able to walk right in and sit down.  Within 20 minutes after our arrival they were turning people away who did not have reservations!  The bartender was charming.  He made me a pistachio martini.  Eric chose one of their several beers they had on tap.  (Oberon, Delirium Tremens, BBC nut brown, and I don’t remember the other one.)  Eric had pork with asparagus and a goat-cheese filled artichoke heart.  I had sweet chili glazed salmon with asparagus and sweet potato fries.  Yummy!

So I just took a break from blogging to go downstairs and take the cake out of the oven.  Eric is at the stove browning giant chunks of beef.  If I weren’t a vegetarian I would say it looks and smells wonderful!  You should come to the open house tomorrow (10/3/09) and have some!


Eric browning beef

Eric browning beef


Cami is hoping he will accidentally drop some

Cami is hoping he will accidentally drop some


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