Posted by: Jessie | October 7, 2009

Open House at Autobahn

Open House at Autobahn Craftwerks

Open House at Autobahn Craftwerks


I had a great time at the open house on Saturday.  The more of these I go to the more people I get to know and the more I enjoy them.  Interesting bikes, interesting people, and usually interesting food that I can’t eat because it’s not vegetarian.  This is a real meat-loving crowd. 

Mr. Happy serves beef bourguignon and pumpkin spice rum cake

Mr. Happy serves beef bourguignon and pumpkin spice rum cake


Eric’s beef bourguignon and my rum cake were big hits.  There was none left  for us to take home.  Len even accused me of trying to make him fat so I could keep the record.  (Rumor is the only reason I went faster then him is I am lighter then he is.) 

BMW with a sidecar

BMW with a sidecar


This bike is so pretty.  The picture just doesn’t do it justice.  You should see it shine in the sun.  I just had to put it’s picture on my blog.  Eric and I met the guy who put it together a couple months ago.  Eric wanted some work done on a couple of slash 2 final drives so he could play with the gearing on the race bike.  We put the final drives in our saddlebags and rode up to his shop.  He was working on this sidecar bike at the time.  He did a lot of fabrication and custom work to put this bike together.  He painted it himself too.  The guy’s name is Dan Browning and he grew up working on motorcycles.  He used to work for BMW North America.  His grandfather was Bob Beasley, who owned a BMW dealership and was locally famous. 





In case you missed it, my bike is the 7th one down in the first picture.  It’s also in the picture with the orange side car bike.  Notice how trim my windshield is now.  It makes the bike look a bit sportier then before.


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