Posted by: Jessie | October 17, 2009

Two Spaniels

Mika and Braedy

Mika and Braedy


Eric and I are watching Jess’s dogs for the weekend.  Her dogs fascinate me.  They have so much more energy then our dogs.  They are a couple of Springer Spaniels.  They are litter mates and have been together their whole lives.  One of them has anxiety issues and takes doggie Prozac.  This makes no sense to me.  They have the same parents, they grew up in the same loving home, they have never been abused or neglected and yet one of them has anxiety?  Why only one?  Why not both? 

One day Jess and I were analyzing it.  Jess said that Braedy’s dad used to always want to be out hunting and did not seem to care about spending time with humans so much.  He would rather be running through the woods chasing rabbits and dragging them back.  Braedy seems to be at war with that side of himself.  On the one hand, he wants to run off and be independent and go hunting.  On the other hand he wants to be close to Jess and Mika and stick around and snuggle.  So, basically, he always wants to be doing something other than what he is currently doing!

Braedy is a famous trouble maker.  He likes to escape from whatever fence he is behind so that he can wait for you to let him in the front door.  When he was a puppy Jess got him a kennel cage because the vet told her it would help him feel more secure while she was not home.  Braedy ate it.  She got another one.  He ate that one too.  If you leave a box of Power Bars on the table, Braedy will find them.  He will eat the whole box while you’re not looking!

So I wonder what they are thinking?  We picked them up at Jess’s house last night.  They were perfectly happy to go with us until we drove right past the turn for the dog park.  Then they started crying.  Within the first hour of being at our place Braedy pooped in the dining room and Mika puked in the den.  It took them a long time to settle in last night.  This whole “No dogs on the furniture” rule just baffles them.  They paced around for a long time before they settled down and went to sleep.  Then this morning they woke me up at 6:30.  I let them out and fed them.  They calmed right down when I sat down at the computer.  But when I tried to go back to bed they were all over me again!  Silly dogs.  I’m taking them to the dog park today and I hope I can wear them out.  Although, I wonder if these dogs ever get tired?


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