Posted by: Jessie | October 18, 2009

Molly the Mixologist

Update: Beginning July 7, 2010 Molly will be at Virgil’s Cafe on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Molly Wellmann juices fresh oranges to make a Corpse Reviver


Molly Wellmann is a local Cincinnati interesting person!  She grew up in Cincinnati and lived here until she was 24.  Then she went to visit a friend in San Francisco.  She thought she would go there to help out her friend for about six months and ended up staying 12 years!  Molly worked at Channel for a while, then Prada.  She used to go to the Starlight Room for a drink after work.  Their Manhattans were so good she talked them into teaching her how to make them.  Thus began her romance with classic cocktails.  Of course, while living in California she also went on several wine tours.  She was usually the one person in the group who asked questions about the wine making process instead of just getting smashed at the tastings.  She knows quite a bit about California wine, but Spirits is her real passion.  

When Molly came back to Cincinnati found out that Chalk needed a mixologist.  “I can do that!” she said, and she took the job and ran with it.  She started researching classic cocktails.  Then she started inventing her own drinks.  When her ideas grew beyond the supplies the bar provided Molly started steeping her own flavored syrups (she calls them “simples,” but I don’t know what’s simple about making syrup out of elder flowers and other odd things.)    

Every time I see Molly she has a new drink she has just invented.  She is the only person in the world who can make you a “Marlboro Man.”  This drink is bourbon based and she uses a smoky tincture that she made herself to give the drink a smoky flavor.  Last Thursday night her drink special was a butternut squash cocktail.  She used fresh squash juice!  It tasted like liquid October.  Her Plum Crazy cocktail is made from fresh plum juice.  Suddenly Seamore is one of my favorites.  She says it’s a gin drink, but I can’t taste the gin.   

By the way… don’t ask her for one of those sticky sweet drinks named after a sex act or a body part.  She’ll wrinkle her nose at you.  If she likes you she will politely suggest something else.   

Molly is one of my favorite people.  She is always bright and positive, which is a rare thing these days.  I listen to people with hopeless negativity all day, so on rough days I like to go see Molly.  She cheers me up.  And the booze doesn’t hurt either.  She’s never made me a drink I didn’t like. 

She was interviewed for Cincy Chic last July:  

Molly had a cocktail event at Lavomatic  Thursday night.  Here are some pics:  

Genius at work

Genius at work


It was packed!  We had to wait until it cleared out to get a seat at the bar.

It was packed! We had to wait until it cleared out to get a seat at the bar.


 Jess likes sweet vodka drinks, she had no idea what to order here.  Molly made her an Aviation cocktail.  Jess loved it.  

Mr. Happy enjoys a butternut squash martini

Mr. Happy enjoys a butternut squash cocktail


 Here’s another shot of Molly on Halloween.  She was making a special drink called “Bloody Brains.”  The drink had curdled Kahlua in the bottom with grenadine dripped over the top of it to look like blood.  

Molly Wellmann makes Bloody Brains on Halloween



  1. thanx jessie!! your soo awesome! i wanted to tell you tho , i didnt work at the starlite room i just drank there!;)

    • Thanks! I fixed it!

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