Posted by: Jessie | October 20, 2009

If you live in Hamilton County: Vote YES on Issue #4

Vote YES on Issue #4

Vote YES on Issue #4

Facts about the Family Services and Treatment Levy

Issue 4

The Family Services and Treatment Levy funds programs essential to supporting treatment and reducing crime.  These programs are instrumental in moving people from incarceration back into the community; moving women involved in prostitution off the streets; and supporting neighborhood efforts to help ordinary people solve problems related to drugs and violence. The levy provides judges with alternatives at sentencing so that people who need help can be given treatment instead of being sent to jail.

  • Most of the programs in the levy are currently funded as part of the Health and Hospitalization Levy commonly referred to as the Drake Levy.  The Drake Levy will expire but it is essential that these programs continue with funding provided by the Family Services and Treatment levy.


  • This levy will not raise taxes.  In fact, this levy will be 50% less than the previous levy that funded these services.


  • The .34 mill levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $10.09 a year.


Why Should People Vote for the Levy

Funding treatment programs has numerous benefits:

  • reduces the burden on the jail by diverting non violent offenders from jail
  • provides judges with alternatives at sentencing so that people who need help can be given treatment instead of being sent to jail
  • program outcomes are evaluated externally and internally to assess treatment effectiveness and ensure reduction in recidivism
  • less time is spent in a treatment program than jail which reduces the financial cost
  • provides for neighborhood based prevention services that reduce teenage drug and alcohol use


What Happens if the Levy Fails

  • Treatment services will not be provided to those with critical needs
  • Already dealing with a perilous budget situation, Hamilton County will have to spend more money housing these nonviolent offenders, diverting needed funds from other basic services.
  • The Hamilton County jail system will become even more overburdened with non violent offenders who can benefit from drug and alcohol and mental health treatment.


Levy Programs – Overview

Cincinnati Union Bethel’s Off the Streets, a program that addresses the health and well-being of women involved in prostitution. The program coordinates services to assist women involved in prostitution, moving them towards safety, recovery, empowerment and community reintegration.


Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati, serving communities throughout Hamilton County to promote drug-free environments for youth by enhancing partnerships to educate, advocate and support neighborhood-based community mobilization.


Hamilton County receives funding for services for reentry into the community operated in conjunction with Pre-Trial and Probation Departments, treatment staff for a new specialized court for felony-level offenders with mental illness and security provided by the Sheriff’s Department.


Hamilton County’s Drug Court, known as Alcohol and Drug Addiction Partnership Treatment (ADAPT), a comprehensive residential and outpatient program for drug and alcohol addicted adults charged with drug related offenses.  This program is a partnership between Talbert House, Central Community Health Board, First Step Home, and Prospect House and the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. 


Talbert House programs including Court Treatment, Turning Point and Transitional Housing. The levy supports alcohol and drug treatment and transitional housing programs for men and women in jail, residential and outpatient settings. These services support the county’s initiative to reduce recidivism and preserve limited jail space for the most serious offenders. 






Paid for by Citizens for Family Services and Treatment

Paul Brunner, Treasurer, 312 Walnut Street, 16th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Family Services & Treatment Levy

Family Services & Treatment Levy


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