Posted by: Jessie | October 28, 2009

New Record!

On October 24th and 25th Len, Dave, and Jim went to Maxton to try to break our records from last year.  Dave ran in a class we hadn’t run at Maxton before: Altered Vintage Gas Partial Streamline.  That means he ran with the fairing on.  Len ran without the fairing in Altered Vintage Gas.  It was a cold rainy weekend and the track was shut down a good part of the time.  They each got one run in and they each set a record.  Dave’s record is 93.51 MPH.  Len ran 109.81 MPH.  Here is a link to the records page:


Len, Dave, and Jim rode down to Maxton, NC for ECTA's final land speed racing meet of the year.


It was rainy. No racing until the track dried off, but people got in line anyway.


Special thanks to Jim for taking pictures and helping out at the track!


Mr. Happy was in rehab, so they had to get new mascot.


Waiting in line for Len's run.


Waiting in line for Dave's run.


AAAAND HE'S OFF! Dave had a 10mph head wind to fight during his run.


The new mascot proudly displays the record setting timing slip for all to see!



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