Posted by: Jessie | November 10, 2009


Clifty Falls 001

Camping at Clifty Falls 11/8/09

It was beautiful this weekend.  After Len’s open house we headed out to Clifty Falls.  We rode out to Rising Sun and then took 262 to Dillsborough, then 62 all the way to Clifty Falls.  We stoped in Friendship, IN to have a beer at the Friendship Tavern.  They have Amber Bock on draft. 

It was a lovely ride.  62 has been newly re-paved and there are some gravely spots, but nothing that couldn’t be avoided.  The campground was not very crowded.  It did get a little chilly Saturday night.  I was surprised how early the sun went down.  We had to set up camp and cook dinner in the dark.  Fortunately we were trying out easy cooking from Backpacker’s Pantry.  We had Spicy Thai with Peanut Sauce.  It was not only easy dinner, it was yummy!  For dessert we had Mocha Mousse Pie.  Also easy and yummy. 

The next morning we made coffee and Huevos Rancheros in the Jet Boil, broke camp, and then wandered around the park.  The Friendship Tavern is closed on Sundays, so we stopped in Rising Sun for a late lunch.

Clifty Falls 006

Eric cooking Huevos Rancheros on the Jet Boil

Clifty Falls 014

Eric @ Clifty Falls

Clifty Falls 019

More Falls

Clifty Falls 049

We had a lovely lunch in Rising Sun

Clifty Falls 051

We had a lovely view of the river. We could see Rabbit Hash from where we were sitting. We could hear the loud Harleys all the way across the river.

So here’s a question… if casino’s bring bad things like drug problems, increased crime rate, prostitution, etc., how come Rising Sun is such a clean, shiny, quiet little town?  I have to admit, I have only been there on sunny afternoons, and I have never stopped at the casino, but I don’t see the same crime and drugs that I see in Cincinnati.  It will be interesting to see what happens when they build a casino in Cincinnati.  Will they use the money to reduce crime in Cincinnati?


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