Posted by: Jessie | November 14, 2009



I worked late on Thursday, and neither Eric nor I felt like cooking.  Lavomatic has a new menu, so we thought we would try it out. 

I ordered the fish sandwich, and it was really good.  It had a very rich, interesting flavor.  Different then most fried fish.  The batter must have had fresh cracked pepper in it.  Fresh cracked pepper usually makes me cough, but this time it didn’t.  Must be because it was fried.  It was nice to have the flavor of the pepper without the bite.

Eric had chicken and waffles.  The chicken had the same kind of breading as the fish.  Eric says “The savory chicken and the crunchy sweet waffles were a pleasant juxtaposition and a torrent of comfort food after a long day at the office.”  Eric must have chosen the term “comfort food” because later when we were talking with the chef he told us that Lavomatic’s new menu approach is comfort food with class.  Next time we go I’m going to order the grilled cheese.  It sounds like they plan to change it each week.  This week was grueyer and cheddar, and they were talking about the possibility of brie and blueberry sometime in the future.

Molly had a new drink for us too.  Thursday’s drink was another classic prohibition cocktail, the Tuxedo.  Old Tom’s gin, vermouth, and maraschino liquor in an absinthe coated glass.  Yummy!


Molly Wellmann

After we finished our cocktails and our dinner we ordered a dessert beer.  They have Southern Tier Creme Brulee.  This is a dark, slightly sweet creamy beer with vanilla and custard flavors.  Very unusual.  Very yummy. 

As we were drinking our beers Chris the chef came out to chat with Molly.  I think they were talking about cocktail and food pairings.  She was explaining to him about the different tinctures and bitters.  They talkked about fall fruits and flavors.  He stopped to talk with us on his way back to the kitchen and asked us how we liked our food.  This somehow turned into a deep and meaningful discussion about bread.  Did you know that the bread from all of the restaurants in the group formerly known as the Jean Robert Group are house made?  The bread on my fish sandwich had a nice seedy texture.  I love bread with texture.  It reminded me of Shadeau Bakery’s multi grain bread.  It turns out that it’s not by Shadeau Bread, this restaurant group has it’s own bread maker!  They have a new theory, that bread is too often understated.  They are using bread that is more noticable.  They are using flour from Weisenberger Mill.  Apparently they have a water-powered mill that has been in operation since 1865.  They use a lot of locally grown grains, and I think Chris said that the grain is stone-ground and that the system they use gives them more control over the texture of the flour.  Much like the mill at Metamora.  Eric shared a new bread technique that he has been trying out; the no-knead-24-hour-rise bread.  (Which, by the way, was very yummy.)  Chris was intrigued by the idea of a no-knead bread.

Eric must have really impressed Chris the Chef, because a little while after he went back to the kitchen he sent out a complimentary creme brulee topped with apricot, cranberry, and raisin compote.  Yummy!  We were pleasantly surprised to find it paired well with the Creme Brulee beer we were drinking.  Usually beer and sweets aren’t friendly.  This was our lucky night!


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