Posted by: Jessie | November 18, 2009

Mr. Happy goes to Rabbit Hash

Mr. Happy had a great time in Rabit Hash, KY

Can you believe that it was 70 degrees on 11/15!  Wow!  I’m treasuring every November day that I get to ride.  I keep expecting it to get cold, and yet the nice days keep on coming.  It’s supposed to be nice again this weekend too.  Anyway, we rode down to Rabbit Hash, KY because it is such a nice ride.  Mr. Happy loved the general store.  They have fun things there that you don’t find just anywhere.  Mr. Happy and I shared a diet cherry creme soda and an organic pumpkin spice cookie.  Eric had sarsaparilla soda and a pulled pork barbecue sandwich.  We passed on the beer because we had plenty of riding left to do. 

A quiet day in Rabbit Hash

Eric and... no... not the mayor... just a common beggar

Eric and ... no... it's not the mayor. Just a common beggar.

This dog became Eric’s best friend from the moment he bought his barbecue sandwich.  I wondered if it was the mayor.  It turns out that Lucy Lu is the mayor, and she’s a boarder collie.  The lady in the General Store says that Lucy Lu doesn’t just wander the streets like some of the other dogs.

Mr. Happy was disappointed to find out that they did not have any hash at The Old Hashienda

Mr. Happy is ready to roll on Eric's new (to him) ST1100!

 While we were drinking our sodas and oogling old bikes Randy came by on his mid-seventies airhead.  I wish I had gotten his picture, he had a great vintage looking jacket to go with his vintage bike.  Unfortunately it was starting to get dark and my phone camera did not have a flash.  We chatted a bit before getting back on our bikes and riding back to Cincinnati via Markland Dam.  Sorry, no pictures of Markland Dam because it was almost dark by the time we got there.

It started to get cold when the sun went down, so we stopped at the Applewood in Aurora, IN on the way home.  It was too cold to sit on their lovely patio, so we sat inside near the fireplace instead.  We had a lovely dinner.  Then we put the liners in our jackets and rode the rest of the way home.  I’m really enjoying being able to see over the fairing, I’m really glad Eric cut it down.

Click here to go to the Applewood restaurant site


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