Posted by: Jessie | November 19, 2009

Thai Cafe has a new menu!

Thai Cafe in Clifton is in what used to be an old 50's diner

Eric and I were both too tired to cook last night, so we took Mr. Happy and headed out to Thai Cafe for dinner.  This charming little restaurant has been in Clifton for at least as long as I have lived in Cincinnati.  The Thai Cafe is in what used to be an old 50’s diner.  We used to go there fairly often, and then drifted away from it.  They’ve changed the menu since the last time we were there.  They kept all my old favorites, and they have added some things too.  Last night I had Spicy Ginger Fish.  It was lightly breaded stir-fried tilapia with green beans and a spicy ginger sauce.  Yummy! 

Mr. Happy passed on the booze and enjoys a Diet Coke

Spicy Ginger Fish

Roasted duck with Thai basil sauce

 Eric really liked the soup.  He said his duck dish was good, but he liked the spicy ginger sauce on my fish better.  We did not try the sushi this trip, but it is on the list.

Click here for restaurant reviews:


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