Posted by: Jessie | November 21, 2009

Chocolats Latour

Elizabeth sent us a box of chocolate for a late anniversary gift.  Wow!  What FABULOUS chocolate.  They are so wonderful I have to blog about it.  I love dark chocolate that is not too sweet, and these are exactly my type!  They even have a little bit of spiciness in the filling.

This chocolate is hand-made here in Northside by Shalini Latour.  She works out of her house, just down the street from the Comet.  She also makes cakes.  She made Elizabeth’s wedding cake, and it was wonderful!

Shalini’s mother was from Belgium, so she was exposed to some of the finest chocolates in the world at a young age.

Shalini started to experiment with chocolate making around the age of 14.  As a pastry chef she has made thousands upon thousands of truffles, all hand-made the old fashioned way. She has worked in bakeries, including the Bonbonnerie. In 2004 she published the book The Icing on the Cake by North Light Books. In 2009 she decided to refine her chocolate making skills with a course at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy.  Shalini uses Fair Trade Chocolate to make her confections.  She also uses local ingredients, some from her own garden.  She also uses Earth Friendly packaging.


 For more information click on the link below to go to her website:



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