Posted by: Jessie | November 22, 2009

Fort Ancient Ride

Fort Ancient

This late in November we are eeking out the last gasps of riding season.  We just had to get in a ride today, even if it involved running errands on the way.

We rode up to Micro Center to look at web books.  I would like to be able to update my blog regularly from the road next year during our Great Big Adventure.  They had a 9 inch web book, but it was just too small for me to type on.  There was a Sony that was tiny, and I could type on it, but the type was so small I could not read the screen!  The 10 inch web book was pretty small, I could both type on it and read the screen, but I’m wondering how practical it is to pack a computer on a motorcycle.  Ara does it.  Hubert does it.  But then again, they both have side cars.  We’ll see.  I have almost a year to figure it out.

 From there we rode up to Fort Ancient, turned around at Arabian Run, and came right back.  I really enjoy that ride.  Lots of twisties right along the river.  Very pretty.  There is one really steep tight turn at the bottom of the gorge right before the canoe livery that makes me uncomfortable.  You never know what may be coming the other way halfway onto your side of the yellow line.  No worries today.  There was very little traffic  since the canoe livery is closed for the winter.  I felt like I had the whole road to myself!

We stopped at Boswell Alley for dinner.  I love their grilled mushroom sandwich.  Eric had the special: chicken enchiladas.  He was surprised that the enchiladas did not have sauce on top.  I’ve found that the specials there are pretty tastey, but they are usually not exactly what you expect. 

Boswell Alley

We finished our dinner and headed home for the evening.  Eric put on “On Any Sunday” to fold his laundry to.  I notice that not much laundry is getting folded, but we’re getting our motorcycle fix.


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