Posted by: Jessie | December 8, 2009

News Update

This is Eric’s last week at his old job!  Last week was supposed to be his last week, and this week was supposed to be him using up his remaining vacation time.  BUT they talked him into working one more day.  Wednesday.  So his week off is being broken up by work.  Next week he starts his new job.  He is very excited. 

I found out that I have several days of vacation that I have to either use or lose, I can’t carry them over into next year.  The bummer is that I can’t use them the same days that Eric is using his.  Oh well.

It snowed last night here  in Cincinnati.  I was very sad to step out into the snow this morning when I let the dogs out.  Unfortunately the brine budget was cut this year, so the roads were very slick on the way to work this morning.  I almost slid through the intersection into a school bus this morning.  Bummer.  I haven’t slid like that since I lived in Michigan’s UP.

I had been enjoying a fantasy of going on one more motorcycle trip this year.  I have the week between Christmas and New Years off.  I was hoping that it would just stay in the upper 40’s until the end of the year and I could use that time to go on a little motorcycle trip.  I was even looking at heated gear online and considering getting a heated vest.  Seeing the snow this morning was a real let down.  I would need a special bike to ride in the snow, heated vest or not.

I wonder if I’m crazy to even consider going on a motorcycle trip this late in the year.  I don’t have any special equipment for cold weather riding.  I’ve ridden in the cold before and gotten chilled in a most unpleasant way.  It took me hours to warm up.   That was when I first started riding.  I learned my limits back then, a little at a time.  I learned how to dress and how long I could ride when it was 40 degrees out.  I’m a lot older now.  I have a different bike now.  I’m sure my limits are not the same.  Why am I considering taking a several day trip when I’m not even sure what my limits are?  That sounds a little crazy.  I know I could do it, though.  As long as there is no snow or ice.  The trip might take longer then planned, but if I never push my limits then I will never know what I can do.

I wonder if I would even be considering this if I hadn’t been reading Huber’s story about motorcycling the Transsiberian Highway in winter?  He is now in Mongolia.  Cold, cold, cold.  He makes it look easy.

Hubert loves to ride in the snow. Check out his website.


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