Posted by: Jessie | December 14, 2009

Hubert in Mongolia!

Are you following Hubert?  Are you??  Did you look at his pictures today?  He decided he wanted to visit a real Mongolian family and sleep in a real yurt in the winter time.  In fact, he dreamed about it all summer.  So now, in the December, in Mongolia, he rides off into the snow…  200 miles… looking for a Mongolian family to introduce himself to and to stay in their yurt.  (A yurt is a really big tent.)   In the winter.

This is the weather Hubert rides in.  He took this picture from his motorcycle on his search for a yurt:

Hubert rides in Mongolia in December

You can see the windshield on his bike at the bottom of the picture.  Did I mention it’s wintertime?

So… what is going on here?  Is this man very brave?  Or is he crazy?  Does he have a suicide wish?  Or is he following his bliss? 

What do you think?  I welcome your comments!


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