Posted by: Jessie | January 15, 2010

Corsair Red Absinthe

Corsair Red Absinthe 375 ml bottle

When I was discovering absinthe, there was something new available every month or so.  This one had some hype around it.  It promised to be different.  It said it was in the Czech tradition of red absinthe, usually only found in Europe, but this one is distilled in Kentucky.  It says it’s absinthe with a twist.  It got some good reviews and it was in a cute little bottle.  I was excited to try it out!

So, it’s true.  This is very different.  It is a pink absinthe.  It is distilled with wormwood, citrus, and tarragon.  Then for color it is infused with hibiscus flowers.  It’s very pretty.  And when it loaches it’s a pinkish-white louche.  No artificial color.  Not harsh and fake chemical flavors or artificial colors like the red Czech absinthes are reputed to have.

I like citrus.  I like tarragon.  I’m not so sure about the hibiscus.  The hibiscus really confused me.

Perhaps I was too closed-minded when I tried it.  I was looking for something that tastes like absinthe.  If this is absinthe, then it is a girly absinthe made for people who don’t like absinthe.  Maybe I should have made a mixed drink out of it.  It would probably be good mojito style, with mint muddled with sugar, lemon wedges,  and topped off with Sprite.  I didn’t think of that at the time.  I was just too befuddled by the hibiscus.  I just didn’t understand why someone would do that to absinthe.

Maybe I’ll try it again this summer.  I’ll wait until it gets really hot outside.  I’ll ask my husband to put some shrimp kebabs on the hibachi.  I’ll put a flower in my hair.  I’ll put on a bikini, some coconut scented suntan lotion, a gauzy skirt and sit in the backyard and sip on a Corsair red absinthe mojito.  Hmm… maybe I could invite friends and make it into a Tiki party…

For a more professional review of this absinthe, click on this link:

Here is another neat little article.  Apparently they use a pre-prohibition still to make it in!



Update: 8/20/11  

They have Corsair Red at Jean Robert’s Table.  I asked them to make me a mojito out of it, and it was the best mojito I have ever had.



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