Posted by: Jessie | January 22, 2010

Chicago, Day Three

We slept in on Monday morning.  After checking out of the hotel we went to Calumet Fisheries.  This was another food place from Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” Chicago episode.  He must have spent a week there, because there was not way we could have eaten at all the places in his episode in less then a week.

The Calumet Fishery is on the 95th street bridge.

This place opened in 1948 and has been smoking fish ever since.  They smoke it right there behind the store.  We picked up some shrimp and salmon to take home.  Wow!  Was it yummy!  They also have fish and chips, if you prefer fried, but you can get fried anywhere.  Where can you get smoked peel-and-eat shrimp?

They have a website in case you want to check out their menu or print out a coupon:

Anthony Bordain left his mark!

After filling our bellies with more yummy food we drove home.  We are looking forward to our next visit.  There are a lot more museums to visit and a lot more food to eat and more beer to drink.  Chicago is has a lot to offer!

Update:  We brought home a pound of smoked salmon and a pound of smoked peel-and-eat shrimp and made three meals out of it.  The third meal there wasn’t enough of either the shrimp or the salmon to stand alone, so Eric made pasta and put the shrimp and the salmon in the cream sauce.  Wow!  Smoky seafood pasta with cream sauce is now my favorite dish.  We’re going to have to go back to Chicago more often!


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