Posted by: Jessie | January 25, 2010

Ride to Eat! Dairy Cottage

Every year the Greater Cincinnati BMW motorcycle club has a riding contest.  Last year was Eric and my first year as members and the contest was lakes.  The idea was to ride to a lake and take a picture of your bike in front of the sign.  Points were given based on how far away the lake was.  I was all Gung-Ho!  Then one of the guys told me to give up, I didn’t have a chance to win because he was retired and could ride as much as he wanted while I still had to go to work five days a week.  His point really sunk in when Neil took a few weeks and did a big loop around the United States.  He even went to Minnesota, the Land of 1000 Lakes.  People did not share their pictures as they went along.  Instead, they waited until the Christmas party to unveil them.  I missed the Christmas party, so I did not get to see the pictures.  I thought it would be neat to post contest pictures here.  I would be happy to post other rider’s pictures as well, especially if they are willing to write a few lines about where they went, the ride, the food, etc.  

This year the contest is based on a TV show that I have never seen, and will probably never get to see because I do not have cable.  It’s called “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”  We’re supposed to take a picture of our bike in front of the sign and we get an extra point if we take a picture of our meal.  I don’t expect to do well with this contest because most Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives are not vegetarian friendly.  I do like interesting restaurants.  I do like food.  I’m going to do my own variation of the contest.  If I ride my motorcycle there and I eat there then I will take the picture and write about it here.  I’m not worried that someone will say “Hey, that doesn’t count.  That’s not a dive, it’s a nice place.”  because I know some retired dude is going to win the contest anyway while I’m slaving away for “the man.” 

All the snow melted this week.  It rained Friday and washed the salt off the road.  On Saturday the temperature was in the 40’s.  I had to ride.  I talked Eric into coming with me.  Neither of us knew where we wanted to go, so I set the GPS for “Metamora” and clicked “avoid highways.”  It took us on a long out-of-the-way route that included some roads we don’t normally ride on.  We got to Brookville and Eric said “My hands are cold.”  I said “Ok.  Let’s find a dive and have a snack.”  So we stopped at the Dairy Cottage.  

Dairy Cottage, Brookville, IN

I did not expect this place to be vegetarian friendly, but I got lucky.  They had grilled cheese sandwich!  And onion rings!  I was a happy camper.  Some of the things that you can only get at Dairy Cottage are their home-made chili and a dish called liver gizzard heart.  Eric got the “Big G Burger,” a double-decker cheese burger with bacon.  I was suprised he didn’t get the liver gizzard heart.  He usually tries interesting local things, and where else can you eat gizzard? 

Our meal at the Dairy Cottage

They also had soft serve ice cream on the menu, but we skipped that and got back on our bikes and rode some more.  It felt so good to be riding again.  I’m hoping that next weekend will bring more of this warmish weather and clear roads.  


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