Posted by: Jessie | February 12, 2010

Nicholson’s Pub

After work on Tuesday Eric went out for a drink with his friend Paul.  After I got off work they invited me to join them. 

Paul and Eric at Nicholson's

I really like Nicholson’s.  It’s a Scottish pub.  They have a whole wall full of Scotch and a full restaurant menu with some traditional Scottish dishes.  They also have over 20 beers on tap.  Some of my favorites that you can only get on tap at Nicholson’s are Old Engine Oil and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.  This time they also had Dragon’s Milk on tap, which is another one of my favorites.  Eric always orders what they have on the Beer Engine, which is a cask conditioned beer.   I don’t remember the name of it… something “sheet.”  It was really good.  They also have over 20 different Scotches. 

A whole wall full of Scotch.

By the time Paul left I was starving, so we went ahead and had dinner there.  I had the Grilled Ahi Sandwich.  Wow.  Yummy.  Eric had already been munching on Pub Chips, so he wasn’t very hungry.  He had a bowl of Cock-a-Leekie soup.  (That’s chicken and leek soup.) 

I noticed on the dessert menu they had a chocolate cheesecake infused with scotch aged in port barrels.  We ordered it and the scotch it was infused with.

I thought I didn't like Scotch, but I like this one!

They brought the Scotch to us on a little tray with some ice and a little pitcher of water.  I have never been much of a Scotch fan, but this one was different.  It smelled like port!  Eric mixed just a tiny bit of water with it “To spread out the flavors” he said.  It was lightly smokey and had hints of port and vanilla.  It was really good with the chocolate cheesecake.  Wow.  I definitely recommend it.


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