Posted by: Jessie | February 19, 2010

Dinner at the Waterfront

For Valentine’s Day Eric took me to the Waterfront.  It’s one of those floating restaurants in Covington.  The restaurant is build on a barge on the Ohio River.  Actually, they call it “South Beach Grill at the Waterfront.”  Apparently there used to be another barge next to it, they were attached, and one was the “South Beach Grill” and the other was “The Waterfront.”  One of them sank.  So the remaining barge kept both names. 

My Mama suggested that I wear my red cocktail dress. So I did.

The Waterfront is decorated in typical Jeff Ruby style.  It’s hard to describe… kind of a retro prohibition gangster Vegas glitz.  Check out the neon and the art deco light fixtures.

Sitting at the bar at the Waterfront, looking into the dining room

 Two walls of the dining room were all glass.  We had a faboulous view of the river.

The view from our table

 The service was charming.  The food was wonderful.  Eric had rack of lamb, and it was wonderful.  I had South African cold water lobster tail.  Yummy!  For dessert we had chocolate lava cake.  Then we wandered over to the bar to listen to some music before heading home.

The Sly Band played a nice mix of music, including several 80's hits.


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