Posted by: Jessie | February 22, 2010


There is a new restaurant in Northside.  It’s called Ko-Sho.  Apparently, it used to be downtown.  Now it has moved to Northside and has been open for a couple of months now.  Neat little Japanese place.  The menu is not very complex, but it is vegetarian friendly and vegan friendly.  We’ve been there several times and so far we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve had.  

Sashimi plate

My favorites so far are the sashimi plate and the salmon teriyaki box diner for two.  The sashimi plate had several things I had never had before, including sea clam, octopus, and white tuna.  The sea clam and octopus were pretty chewy, but the white tuna was wonderful!  I will be looking for it on sushi menus from now on.  The salmon teriyaki box dinner for two comes with salmon teryiaki, a sushi roll, japanese pickles, tempura, rice, etc.  Very yummy.  Both come with miso soup and a salad.  They also have noodle bowls and other traditional Japanese dishes. 

The restaurant itself has a small, cozy, neighborhood atmosphere.  I love it.  Check out their website:

Sitting at the sushi bar looking towards the door


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