Posted by: Jessie | February 24, 2010

Jade Nouvelle Orléans absinthe

A year ago last week I got an email from Party Source announcing the arrival of Jade.  

I had been reading about and trying different absinthes since our New Orleans trip in December, and I had heard that the absinthes are supposed to be some of the finest available.  Only they are not available in the United States. 

So when I got the email that a limited number of bottles of Jade Nouvelle Orleans was going to be available at Party Source I wanted to run right down there and get a bottle.  I had visions of stampedes of people running down there and buying it all up.  I, myself, did not run down there that night.  I wanted to finish the bottle of absinthe I already had in the house.  I was also not sure I wanted to spend that much money on a bottle of booze.  About a week later work gave me a productivity bonus.  I knew what I wanted to spend my bonus on! 

When I got to the Party Source I went straight to the absinthe isle.  No Jade.  Sure, they had Lucid, St. George, Vieux Carre, a couple of cheesy imitation absinthes, pastis, etc.  They had some new absinthe fountains.  Same old glasses and spoons.  But no Jade.  I looked and looked.  Finally my husband found me standing there looking forlorn.  “They’re all out.  I waited too long to come get it.  Now it’s gone.”  I told him. 

“Did you ask at the desk?”  He asked me.  “They don’t put the really nice stuff out on the shelf.  Or if they do it’s a dummy bottle.  You have to ask for it at the desk.”  My husband is so smart.  So I went to the desk, and sure enough, they had it.  Whoo-Hoo! 

Jade Nouvelle Orleans is a delicate light green color

The louche slowly sends out its misty tendrils to fill the glass

The full louche is a frosty white with a hint of green

I swish and sniff… The fragrance is delicate… sweet… light anise… floral.  I raise the glass to my lips and take a taste… 

Aaaahhhh!  I can hear the angels sing!  The delightful sweet herbal floral anise flavors dance across my tongue.  This absinthe has a long finish with a lovely mouth feel.  There is a lot going on with this absinthe.  This absinthe is so wonderful I want to go out and buy crystal glasses that will be worthy to drink it out of.  This is the finest absinthe I have ever tasted.



  1. No question about it, the Jades are about the finest absinthes you can get. The rest of the Jade line is supposed to be in the US within a year or so. If you like the NO you absolutely have to try the PF 1901. It is my all time favorite. The Jades are expensive, but worth every cent!

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