Posted by: Jessie | March 1, 2010

Fun Friday!

Eric’s work gave him free tickets to the Cyclones game on Friday.  CBTS has a suite at US Bank Arena.  I’d never been to a hockey game before.  This was fun.  A bunch of the guys from the office brought their wives and kids.  We got to sit in the box away from the crowd.  We could hang out in the party room and chat, or we could sit outside and watch the game.  The kids had a great time running around, eating, and playing with souvenirs. 

Blue Beard, the cotton candy pirate


 The Cyclones lost, 1 to 2.  There was only three fights.  One time one of the Cyclones knocked down one of the Checkers.  It was a long time before he got up.  Kinda scary. 

After the game Eric and I went to try out Bootsie’s.  We were kinda hungry and we’ve been meaning to try out Bootsie’s for a long time.  We had heard that it was a tapas place.  It’s not anymore.  It’s a bar to go to in order to See and Be Seen.  Be sure to wear something Chic.  There is also a full restaurant hidden in the back corner behind the bar. 

Drink Menu


I had the Elderflower Mojito and Eric had the Caipirinhas.  Both were very yummy!  We also ordered appetizers.  I had the California Roll off the sushi menu.  Eric had Duck Confit Tacos off the appetizer menu. 

California Roll

California Roll


Duck Confit Tacos


The Bar


Bootsie's has glitzy decor


We ran into Aleana at Bootsie’s.  She’s the girl who rides the Triumph.  We met her at Bike Night at the Comet.  It turns out she’s been riding right up until the roads became snow covered.  We got to meet her boyfriend.  He rides a GSXR, a mean sportbike.  We told them about the Comet Sunday Brunch, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them.


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