Posted by: Jessie | March 12, 2010

Daytona at Hyde Park Tavern

Hyde Park Tavern

I can’t believe it’s Friday already and I haven’t even finished posting about our adventures from last weekend.  I’ve been a bit overwhelmed at work and haven’t had much energy to keep up with the blog lately.

Anyway, LAST Friday after Molly’s tea and cocktail presentation we went over to the Hyde Park Tavern to watch the Daytona 200.  That is the first, and biggest, race of the season for American Superbike.  The race is 200 miles long.  That’s 57 laps around the track.  It’s an endurance race, and the only Superbike race of the year that involves pit stops.  The rider must choose when to make pit stops and when to push on.  If you make a pit stop you can gas up and get new tires, but you lose some time.  If you don’t make pit stops then you could run out of gas or wear out your tires and wreck. 

Melissa Paris is racing again this year, so I wanted to see the race and see how she is doing.  They interviewed her before the race, but I could not hear what she was saying, as we were in a noisy sports bar with loud music.  Unfortunately Daytona was not closed captioned.

People were lined up on the starting line in the order in which they qualified.  The racers with the fastest times started out front.  The race started and the guy out front immediately wrecked, and a bunch of other racers wrecked into him.  They had to restart the race.  Melissa started in 28th position out of the 44 racers who qualified.  I watched the race and the numbers go across the top of the screen saying who is in what place.  The camera only stays on the people out front.  As the race went on Melissa worked her way up to 10th.  Then all the sudden she was in 22nd.  Then 24th.  Then the race was over and she was in 26th place.  How did that happen?  I did not find out for a few days.  It turns out that she wrecked.  She suffered a finger injury, but is otherwise unhurt.  She’ll be back on the track for the next race.  Bummer, though.  It would have been nice to see her finish top 10.

Melissa Paris

If you want to keep tabs on Melissa Paris you can do so through her website:

All this excitement about the race and I havent even said anything about the tavern!  It was packed.  We waited around a bit to get a seat at the bar.  They were very nice to find the race on TV for us.  They had several different beers on draft, including some I had not had before.  Yummy!  We had dinner at the bar, and we ordered the special.  It was some kind of fish tacos, but I don’t remember what kind.  They were the best fish tacos I had ever had.  It was too dark to take pictures, so I stole one from a website:


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