Posted by: Jessie | March 22, 2010

Amy’s Graduation Weekend page 1

My sister Amy graduated this weekend from Rush University this weekend!  So Cool!  She now has a Masters in Nursing!  Whoo-Hoo!

Amy with her degree

So it’s been an exhausing weekend.  We drove down to Chicago after work on Thursday.  Long drive.  Whoo.  We stayed at the Club Quarters hotel.  It’s not as nice as the Palmer House, but the rates were right.  No pictures, ’cause it just wasn’t that interesting. 

We had a drink at the Elephantand Castle on the ground floor of the hotel.  Great pub.  Lots of stained glass and a nice selection of beer on tap.  Mostly European beers.

Elephant and Castle British Pub

We didn’t sleep much Thursday night because there were some loud giggly young girls talking loudly in Japanese in the room next door.  Sounded like they could have been in our room!  Finally an older sounding woman came along and spoke firmly to them in Japanese and they quieted down.


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