Posted by: Jessie | March 23, 2010

Amy’s Graduation, Page 2

Friday Morning we met Amy for Yummy Breakfast at Eleven City Diner

A Mimosa Toast to Graduation

After breakfast we headed over to Jeff’s to hang out for a bit.  Amy changed clothes, then we headed over to the college for more pictures.

Amy, Jeff, Eric and Jessie and the Chicago Skyline

Then we went inside for the ceremony.  This was a small ceremony, only for her department.  No caps and gowns today.  This is the first class to graduate from Rush’s master’s level nursing program.  The graduation ceremony for all of Rush University is not until May.  They will all wear caps and gowns then.

Amy with her class pin

After the ceremony there was a reception, and then we went to Rosebud in Little Italy, Chicago, for a celebration dinner.

Eric, me, Amy, Judy and Jeff at Rosebud. Picture taken by Amy's dad Jerry Jones.

Dinner was fantastic!  I had seafood stew.  It was fabulous!  Eric had saltimbocca.  He said it was good, but not as good as Prima Vista in Cincinnati.  Amy had the Tilapia stuffed with Crab special.  She gave me a taste, and it was amazing.  All of the portions were huge.  Fortuantely our hotel room had a mini fridge, so I was able to take my leftovers home for lunch later.


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