Posted by: Jessie | March 24, 2010

Amy’s Graduation Weekend, Page 3

Saturday Amy and Jeff were busy entertaining their parents, so Eric and I went to the Field Museum.  It was packed.

Sue, the T-Rex

 The Field Museum is famous for many things.  One of them is Sue, the T-Rex.  They also have the largest known collection of Pacific Northwest Native American Artifacts, including Eskimo.

Pacific Northwest Indian artifacts

 We also got to see their Egyptian exibit and their gem exhibit.  Very Cool! 

After the Field Museum we had a beer at Hackney’s and tried to entice Jeff and his dad Jerry to come out with us.  Jerry is from California.  Apparently he had enough of the cold mix of rain and snow and didn’t want to come out again.  They stayed home and watched March Maddness on TV.  Apparently Jeff usually uses vacation time for March Maddness.  He stays home and does nothing but watch basketball for 4 days during the first weekend of March Madness.  In my mind, that is a lot of basketball.  I just can’t get into basketball that much.

We had dinner at Fado, an Irish Pub that the bartender at Elephant and Castle told us about.  What a great place!  We had to try all the things that the bartender talked up.  We had the Salmon and Boxty Bites for an appetizer, I had the Boxty Quesidillas, and we shared the Black and Tan Brownie with Guinness Ice Cream for dessert.  Yummy!  Their Guiness ice cream is not the same as other Guiness ice cream I’ve had.  It’s not as Guinessey.  Sweeter.  Like it was made with half Guiness ice cream recipe and half vanilla ice cream recipe.  Still yummy, but more “mainstream” and less adventurous then I’m used to.  Anyway, I loved Fado!  Love the atmosphere, love the food.  Yummy beer.

Smoked Salmon Boxtey Bite and a Guiness


Bushmills Irish Coffee and Bailey's Irish Coffee


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