Posted by: Jessie | March 30, 2010

Bike Night at the Comet!

It was so nice out after work that we just couldn’t resist riding up to the Comet for bike night!   The lovely warm weather brought a lot of people out. 

Lots of interesting vintage bikes at Bike Night at the Comet!

Bike Night at the Comet is not like Quaker Steak & Lube bike night.  You rarely see any Harleys at the Comet, and when you do, there is usually somthing interesting about them, like they are vintage, or the owner built it with his own hands, etc.

Eric, me, and KTM Guy at the Comet. Picture taken by Jim.

Jim was there taking pictures, as always.  KTM Guy joined us for a bit.  We always see KTM Guy at the Comet, but I can never remember his name.  He usually shows up on a KTM.  One time he showed us his photoshop masterpieces, where he had cats riding KTM’s.  In one picture he showed a cat on a KTM passing a dog on a BMW.


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