Posted by: Jessie | April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everybody!

Last year we went to the Cock & Bull for a drink and ran into the Easter Bunnies


The above picture is from last year.  Eric took it on his phone and then couldn’t figure out how to get off his phone until last fall.  Since fall is a strange time to be showing off Easter pictures, I just saved it until today. 

We’ve had a lovely day today!  The weather was in the upper 70’s and sunny.  You know summer is here when you get to wear your mesh jacket!  We wanted to have Easter Brunch at the Comet, but they were closed.  So we ate at Melt, then went on a long motorcycle ride through Kentucky back roads.  What a lovely ride!  Eric saved the routes off the old Grainery web site, so we went on one of those rides.  After about an hour and a half we pulled over at that little store that’s always closed to rest for a bit.  It’s a popular motorcycle resting spot.  There were already 3 bikes in the parking lot.  A few minutes later a guy showed up on an all black R6, wearing all black Alpine Stars race leathers and a black helmet.  He had dread locks hanging out the back of his helmet.  He got off his bike, took off his helmet, took off his jacket, got on the phone and lit up a doobie.  He didn’t even say “hi” to us.  In a little bit his 4 buddies showed up.  I think it’s interesting that the sportbike guys who stop there usually won’t speak to us.  I guess we are just too dorky standing there doobieless in our textile gear and non-fast bikes.    

Anyway, we went on to Augusta.  If you’ve never been to Augusta, it’s a neat little town.  Many of the buildings there were built in the 1790’s.  They have lots of neat little shops.  Rosemary Clooney is from that area.  We had an early dinner at the Beehive.  We sat on the front porch and watched the boats go up and down the river, and the motorcycles get on and off the ferry.  We had a charming waitress with a very interesting accent.  I have no idea where she was from, but it had to be somewhere in Europe.    

After dinner we walked around a bit before we took the ferry back to Ohio.  It was a popular day for motorcycles on the ferry.  A guy on a really cool R1, with an extended swing arm and nitrous bottles was there before us.  Eric chatted with him about land speed racing.  He looked like he was in his lat 20’s or early 30’s.  The stick-figure of a girl with him looked like she was in her teens.  I wanted to say “Does your mommy know that you are riding on the back of a drag-racing bike?”  I decided not to.  The older I get the younger everyone else looks.  She was probably in her 20’s.  An older couple on a Harley pulled in behind us.  (“Older” means older then me.)  After we got off the ferry we took 50 home.  The drag bike and the Harley went the other way. 

When we got home I took the dogs to the dog park while Eric washed the motorcycles.  

After a light snack we had an Easter cocktail and then off to bed.  (My Easter cocktail is champagne, Grand Mariner, and orange bitters with a Peep garnish.)  What a lovely, relaxing day. 

Easter Cocktail


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