Posted by: Jessie | April 7, 2010

LA CLANDESTINE Absinthe Supérieure

La Clandestine

This is another absinthe that is poetry in a glass. This is my second favorite, and it is about $30 less expensive then my favorite.  The Swiss have a long tradition of absinthe.  Absinthe is reputed to have been invented in Switzerland.  Rumor is that after it was banned the traditional distillers still made it and distributed it secretly.  It is said that they skipped the coloration step in it’s making because that made it less recognisable, this style is called la bleue because the louche is white with a slight blue tinge.  

Claude-Alian Bugnon was hand crafting absinthe well before it was legalized. He created it based on a 1935 recipe. Mr. Bugnon was one of many home distillers keeping the Val-de-Travers absinthe tradition alive in spite of the ban; La Clandestine started as a hobby in his cellar. Later, following legalization, he became the first underground distiller to receive an official production license.

This is a delightful absinthe.  The scent is clean and crisp anise and sweet fennel with light floral notes.  It’s delicate flavors dance across the tongue.  No sugar needed here, just a little cold water.  Lovely.

For a more specific review, check the absinthe buyers guide.





  1. I agree 100%. I’ve been drinking this absinthe since before it was legal (bootlegged). Back then it was extremely expensive. I’m really happy that it’s now available on the open market. All absinthe drinkers should give this a try.

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