Posted by: Jessie | April 21, 2010

Great Afternoon with Mama!

My mother came down to Cincinnati with a friend of hers for a convention.  I took the afternoon off work to visit with her.  We had lunch at the Orchid in the Hilton.  What a beautiful place!  I had the pasta bar, Mama had a club sandwich.  


After lunch we went to the Taft Museum, and then we met up with Kate for dinner.  We went to Sung Korean Bistro.  I’d never had Korean food before.  I can’t even pronounce what I ordered, but it came in a big stone bowl.  It’s spelled dolsot bibimbab.  It was still sizzling when they brought it to the table.  It had an egg on top, and spinach, and bean sprouts.  The waitress showed me how to stir it up so that the egg finished cooking and the rice on the bottom got crunchy but not burned.  Very Yummy!  

We had a great afternoon.  Tomorrow we’re going to the Butterfly Show.



  1. What a fine looking mama! Surely you jest, Jessie, and she is really your sister!

  2. Several people have made that same comment and even asked for her phone number. I, however, refuse to give out personal information.

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