Posted by: Jessie | April 23, 2010


As some of you may already know, we are attending California Superbike School this weekend.  Eric and I flew to California today.  What a long day.  It’s only about 7:30 here, but it’s 10:30 in Cincinnati.  I am so I tired it may as well be midnight.

We landed at LA Airport and got our rental car and hit the road!  We stopped and played on Hollywood Blvd. for a few hours this afternoon.  I was surprised at the number of people standing on boxes preaching at the crowds with their microphones and voice amplifiers.  In Cincinnati random people on the street ask you for money.  Here random people want to give you flyers.  In about 10 minutes I had been given flyers for 4 different tours of celebrity homes, 2 wax museums, and 3 flyers about Jesus.  Then I figured out that if you don’t look at them, keep going, and keep your hands down then they can’t force their flyers on you.

We took a lot of pictures, had shabu shabu for lunch, and visited Madame Tussauds wax museum.  Then we were so tired we figured we should try to find our hotel.  We drove for about an hour and found the hotel with no problem, thanks to Google Maps on my phone!  We plan to go to bed early so we can be well rested for race school tomorrow.

Eric makes a new friend

Outside of Grauman's Chinese Theater

We had Shabu Shabu for lunch


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