Posted by: Jessie | April 30, 2010

Mint Julep Night

Molly's Classic Julep

Friday night Molly did a Mint Julep event at the Rookwood restaurant in honor of the Kentucky Derby.  We haven’t been to the Rookwood in a while.  Their menu is not as interesting as it used to be.  Rom (another local mixologist) is there Wednesday through Saturday.  We haven’t put Rom to the test yet.  We should go back and find out more about what he can do.  Anyway, Molly took the Julep in many different directions.  She had about six versions to choose from.  I started out with the Champagne Julep, which was wonderful.  Eric had the 1939 Classic Julep.  I also tried the tobacco Julep, which has the same smoky ingredient as the Marlborough Man.  I forget what Eric’s second Julep was, but it had cognac instead of bourbon.  By the time we finished our second drink it was time to go home.  I still had a cake to make for the Autobahn Craftwerks open house on Saturday.

Molly's Champagne Julep


Someone posted this pic on Facebook! You can see Molly muddling mint. Eric and I are in the right corner of the picture.


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