Posted by: Jessie | May 1, 2010

Open House at Autobahn Craftwerks on Derby Day

So in honor of the Kentucky Derby I made a Mint Julep cake instead of my usual bourbon cake.  I used yellow cake instead of chocolate and I put some mint in the glaze.  Since a mint julep is more about the scent of mint then the flavor of mint, I surrounded the cake with fresh mint from the garden.  

Mint Julep Cake


I was surprised how many people did not know what it was.  People kept asking me if there was real rum in it.  I said  “Nope.  I used Maker’s Mark.”  One person asked me “Why are there branches?”  People did not recognise the mint.  Not even when I crunched it up and waved it under their noses.  I’m confused.  Or maybe they are confused, and I’m confused by their confusion.  Anyway, the whole cake got eaten.  And people liked it.  Even if they didn’t know what it was that they were eating. 

Last month it was very windy on open house day.  This month heavy thunderstorms were predicted, so Len got lasagna instead of grilling brats.  He even had a salad.  It was a big hit.  He even had a band at this open house! 

I didn't catch their name, but they played a lot of classics, and they were good


So anyway, it turns out that the singer just bought a K75S, and it’s a little too tall for him.  Len asked me if he could sit on my bike, so I went home and got it.  This led into a discussion about how to lower K bikes.  After all was said and done I still had time for a ride.  Hoping I didn’t get rained on, I headed up to Fort Ancient.  The cool thing is that I did notice a difference in my riding after Superbike School, even though I did not try to use any of my track skills on the road.


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