Posted by: Jessie | May 2, 2010

May Day at the Mayday

So I came home after my ride on Saturday.  Eric was still at the open house.  By the time he got home it was dinner time.  He said “There’s a big music thing going on at the Mayday.  Why don’t we head over there and have hot dogs for dinner?”  So we did.  There were three bands scheduled to play.  I think the one playing while we were there was the Lions Rampant.  They were good.  Reminded me of my favorite type of music from the 80’s.  They also had a pig roast, the back bar was open, and there was a slap shot booth (where you can get a shot of booze and a slap in the face).  The back patios were open.  There were a lot of people there of all ages.  Very cool.

Not just hot dogs tonight!


This charming lady will serve you a shot of booze and then slap you in the face for $3


The rooftop patio had a lovely view of the sunset


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