Posted by: Jessie | May 4, 2010

Crazy Day

So my 9:00am client showed up at 10:00am.  By that time I was already seeing my 10:00am client, and I didn’t even know they were there until 11:00am.  My 9:00 was upset with me for not coming out to see them right at 10:00.  Fortunately my 11:00am cancelled last minute because he couldn’t get a ride, so I was able to see my 9:00am client at 11:00.  

My 1:00pm client called to tell me she couldn’t make it at 9:45 tomorrow, but she gave me a different name then what I had for her in the computer.  After I figured out who she was I told her that she was scheduled to see me at 1:00 today, not 9:45 tomorrow.  She made it to her appointment.  

My 4:00pm client cancelled, which turned out to be a good thing because yesterday’s 4:00 client showed up today instead of yesterday.  Ooff. 

So I got home from work and I had  a list of chores ready.  I was going to vacuum the living room, walk the dogs, and make dinner.  Except we didn’t have all the ingredients I needed to make dinner.  Eric got home and he was going to mow the lawn and I tried to talk him into making dinner because he is much better at improvising then I am.  After some discussing it became apparent that I was pretty hungry, and I would probably starve to death by the time all these things happened.  So we put off our list of chores and went to Bike Night at the Comet for dinner.  

Good food.  I had a tofu quesadilla, Eric had the steak tacos.  Good company.  Good conversations about motorcycles. 

So as were were leaving the Comet I saw this lovely little Moto Guzzi outside.  As I was admiring it the owner called out “It’s for sale!”  Wow.  It’s a 1984 v65 SP.  Just my size.  Not too tall.  Not too heavy.  Sweet little bike.  So tempting.  He offered for me to test ride it, but I did not think that was such a good idea after a couple glasses of barleywine.  I got his phone number.  I’ve always wanted a sweet little Italian motorbike.  I wonder how it handles…. 

So I walked away from the bike tonight.  I wonder if I will still be thinking about it when I’m doing my paperwork tomorrow.  If so, I will have to give him a call.  If I got this bike I would have to sell both my Japanese bikes.  I’m ok with that.  I don’t ride them as much as they deserve anyway.  

By the time we were leaving the Comet it was too dark to take a picture of the bike. But I found a picture where he posted it online.


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