Posted by: Jessie | May 7, 2010

Springy Cocktails at Party Source with Molly Wellmann

So our friend Schultzie has become a big fan of Molly Wellmann.  She was doing her first cocktail event at The Party Source, and Schultzie has been talking it up for weeks.  He wanted everyone to get their tickets early so that she would have a good crowd.  And she did.  There were about thirty people there.  Four of Schultzie’s friends who wanted to go couldn’t get in because they waited until the last minute to get tickets, and it was sold out.

Schultzie reads the program to see what he's in for

The Party Source had tables set up with programs, pens for taking notes, bread, water, and a little plate of snacks to pair with the cocktails


So this was a class Molly was teaching about cocktail making.  She shared five of her favorite recipes with us, and we each got to sample each recipe.  The one I thought was the most unique was the Blue Moon, which had a lavendar liquor in it.

Blue Moon

Each cocktail was lovely, and each one was distinctive in it’s own way.  The class is such a success that Party Source has promised to have her back.


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