Posted by: Jessie | May 9, 2010

Spring for the Stars fundraiser for St. Joseph Orphanage

Eric and I were invited to a fundraiser.  This one was much fanicer then the ones we’ve been to before.  It was at the Cincinnati Club, a beautiful building.  They did a very nice job with the presentation, too.  After we registered we were directed up the stairs, where the ceiling was lit with stars.  Their was live music, a young female singer with a back-up guitar player, and a bar.

Musical, Stary Bar

Down the hallway was the silent bidding auction.  Not only was there over 100 wonderful things to bid on, you could also bid on or buy dessert for your table. 

Silent Auction Room

After the silent auction closed we all wandered into the dining room for dinner.  They served salad and roast chicken in a puff pastry.  I had a portabello mushroom with spinach and a cheesy topping.  Both came with rice and broccoli.  Glen bought dessert for the table, yellow cake with fudge topping.  Yummy! 

After dinner Bob Herzog led the live auction.  And it was lively!  They auctioned off a cocktail party (came with 8 cases of wine and booze and catered hor d ovures).  There was also a block party, with the Gold Star chili mobile serving up to 100 guests.  There was dinner party for 10 with Chef John Kinsella.  There was training with the Cincinnati Police SWAT team, and the opportunity to go on a live mission.  There was a Cincinnati Reds package, where you got to sit in the booth with the announcer.  And many more.  We did not bid on any of these big items, but it was great fun watching the auction.


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