Posted by: Jessie | May 28, 2010

Long Drive to Mackinaw City

Today I drove from Cincinnati to Mackinaw City, Michigan.  Long drive.  I was about an hour south of Mackinaw City when I was adjusting the radio instead of watching my speed.  I looked up and saw a state trooper, I looked down and saw my speed.  Bummer.  So he stopped me and asked for my drivers license and registration.  I told him I did not have my registration because I’m from Ohio and we don’t carry our registration in Ohio.  So he asked for my insurance.  Then he told me that I had to either let him keep my license or give him $20.  What???  I have never heard of that.  Is that a bribe???  If it is a bribe, how come he is only asking for $20?  Crazy.  So he gives me this crazy ticket that doesn’t come with an envelope and does not even say how much I owe.  It does say on the ticket that I paid $20, so I guess it’s a deposit and not a bribe.

So I finally made it to Mackinaw City.  We are staying at these little cabins on the beach.  They are tiny cabins, but the little beach is charming.

Charming beach cabins. They even have irises.


We had dinner and yummy drinks at the Blue Water Grill.


The sun was starting to set when we got back to our cabin. You can see the Mackinaw Bridge in the distance.


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