Posted by: Jessie | May 29, 2010

Mackinaw City Memorial Day Celebration

Wow!  What a busy day! 

This morning we saw the Scottville Clown Band.  They were not only a very good band, but they were very silly. 

Scottsville Clown Band

It was more like clowning around than it was professional clowns.  A lot of them were dressed in drag.  One of them even had a pink saxophone, a pink dress, and pink Converse high-tops.  He did a dance to the song “The Stripper.”  This seems to be one of their signature routines.  Here is where someone posted it on youtube: 

Next was the parade.  People come from all over Michigan to be in the Mackinaw City Memorial Day Parade.  It was a nice parade. 

One of the many marching bands. This one was all kids.

Veterans on motorcycles

After the parade we went over to Fort Michilimackinac for The Pageant.  The Pageant is a show that they have been doing for almost 50 years.  It has a cast between 200 and 400 people, depending on the year, many of them children.  In this show they re-enact some of the famous historical events that happened there.  The narrator also gives a history lesson. 


Outside Fort Michilimackinac

For more information on the pageant, check out their website: 

After the pageant we played on the beach.  We grilled hamburgers and brats for dinner.  

Getting ready for dinner

Then we had a birthday party for Avery.  She’s two years old. 

Happy Birthday Avery!

Then, after it got dark, there were fireworks. 

Fireworks over lake Huron, with the Mackinac Bridge in the background

What a perfect day!


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