Posted by: Jessie | June 11, 2010

Friday Night Out; Beluga and Rookwood

Wow!  What a week it’s been!  I saw 31 clients this week.  This is excellent for my UR, but it means I did not have much time to do paperwork nor return phone calls.  Ooof.  Funny how a good week can put you behind, and a bad week can also put you behind.

So to unwind from my intense week I talked Eric into taking me someplace nice for dinner.  We went to Beluga in Hyde Park Square.  This is my favorite Sushi place.  They also have a lot of other interesting things on the menu, but I always go for the sushi.  They have some new creative rolls on the menu.  One had salmon, goat cheese, pineapple, etc.  Another had pablano peppers, tuna, cilantro, etc.  We had to try them!  We also had some of the old standard nigiri and sashimi. 

Tuna, pablano, cilantro roll. Salmon, goat cheese, pineapple roll. Assorted sushi.

Everything was yummy!  After dinner we went for a walk around Hyde Park Square.  Every place was either closed or packed.  There was a long line outside of Graeters ice cream shop.  There was live music at the coffee house, standing room only.  The trendy bar we went to last year was out of business, and all the boutiques were closed for the evening.  What to do next?   

We decided to head over to the Rookwood to pick on Rom, the mixologist.  He is a friend of Molly’s, and it turns out that he is also a friend of Rob, the guy I bought the Moto Guzzi from.   

Rom Wells, the Mixologist

So as soon as we walk in the door Rom says “Hey!  It’s about time you guys showed up!”  I had to agree with him.  He asked us what we wanted to drink, and I asked what his specialty was tonight.  He said “Well… I made Spa Mix…”  He gestured to something green and horrible looking at the end of the bar.  Possibly some weird science experiment.  I didn’t understand what he said at first… he said it so fast it sounded like “spomit.”  “You made What??”  I asked.  “Spa Mix.  It has cucumber, cardamom, gin…” I didn’t catch what else he said was in it, but I knew I liked cardamom so I thought I would give it a try.  

Rom's Spa Mix

He scooped a ladle full of the scary looking stuff into a shaker with ice, poured some other stuff in it, shook it up, topped it off with fizzy water, and poured it into a glass with a fancy silver straw.  Surprise!  It was YUMMY!  

Mmmmm! Spa Mix!

It is hard to describe.  It was light and refreshing.  There was some kind of juice in it, but it was not too sweet.  The cardamom made it spicy, but not too spicy.  The silver straw had a little spoon at the end, and I used that to scoop out the cucumbers.  They had been marinating in the spices all day.  Yummy! 

Molly had told us that Rom makes his own tonic water instead of using the plain tonic out of the bar wand.  Rom confirmed that this was true.  Apparently he starts with Cinchona bark from Peru, which is a natural source of quinine.  So of course Eric ordered a gin and handmade tonic.  Wow!  That was nothing like any gin and tonic I have ever had.  Very herbaly, slightly spicy.  Very yummy!  

We sipped our drinks.  Chatted a bit.  Then realized we were tired.  We finished our drinks and headed home.  Then we looked at the clock.  It was only 11:00.  Wow.  I guess we are getting old.



  1. need a little info…what kind of clients did you see, and what is a UR ? I’ve recently been following your blog and don’t have enough history. thanks. jim

    • Hi Jim!

      I work in community mental health. Most of my clients are depressed people. My agency expects me to earn my keep by generating a certain number of billable hours per month. This is called a Utilization Requirement, most often referred to as UR. I don’t talk about it much because it’s not very interesting, but this week I’m just feeling worn out!


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