Posted by: Jessie | June 15, 2010

Jesus on Fire

Lately we’ve had a lot of thunderstorms here in Cincinnati.  They’ve been practically a daily event.  Last night it was severe storm warnings and a tornado watch.  Little did I know how bad it was. 

Just north of Cincinnati there is (was) a giant Jesus.  He was quite remarkable in his hugeness.  His arms stretched 6 stories into the sky as if to say “Hallelujah, Jessie, your long drive is almost over.  You are only about 45 minutes from home.”

Solid Rock Church Jesus, apparently not made of solid rock

This morning I found out that he was hit by lightning.  He burned to the ground last night.  How can a statue catch on fire?  I don’t understand. 

Anyway, I will miss him.  I wonder if the church will rebuild him.

Jesus on Fire


Click here for the full story.


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