Posted by: Jessie | June 17, 2010

Packing up for a Weekend Trip: Gear Review

We’re going to try to do the Bourbon Trail this weekend.  I’m dying to get out and do a motorcycle trip, but then again, I may die in the heat on this motorcycle trip.  It’s supposed to be in the mid 90’s all weekend.  Will we make it?  Or will we die of heat stroke?  What should I pack? 

I’m going to pack my Shift Racing Silhouette kevlar lined jeans for sure.  These jeans are made with stretch denim with kevlar in the knees and butt.  Out of all the riding jeans I have ever tried, these are the most comfortable and breathe the best when I am out in super crazy heat.  They are stylish looking, mid-rise in the front and regular rise in the back so you can lean forward on the bike and not have to worry about flashing the car behind you.  The only thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t have any armor in the knees.

I also have a pair of  Tour Master Indigo Denim Pants.  These jeans look great and are comfortable.  When I first got them they gaped in the back, but I sewed in some elastic and that took care of it.  They would have worked fine with just a belt, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t showing my undies.  I’m too old for that.  (Remember the good old days when we made fun of people who’s underwear showed?  Now it’s “cool” to let your undies, or even you butt show.  Ew.)  I really like these jeans, except on these really super hot summer days.  They are heavy denim, they don’t breathe, they have no stretch.  They stick to my sweaty knees making it hard to sit in a riding position.  And they don’t have knee armor.  I’m not going to pack these for this trip, I will save them for when the temperature drops below 75 degrees. 

I’m packing some long sleeve Under Armor Heat Gear wicking shirts.  I wore these under my leathers at California Superbike School, and they were great.  I’ve worn them several times since, and they are actually cooler then wearing a regular t-shirt.  The long sleeves keep my mesh jacket from sticking to me, and the wicking material is cooling.  In fact, it doesn’t hold any heat, so when the sun goes down I can get a little cool in it.

Cupron Copper wicking socks.  Silver sokz.  These are my usual riding socks.  Love them.  They both have metal fibers in them.  You don’t notice the metal fibers, but they kill germs.  They keep my boots from getting stinky.  They are both very comfortable, and the Silver sokz are anatomically shaped so there is a left sock and a right sock.  This extra shape to the sock keeps it from bunching or slipping down in your boot.

Ikon Tarmac Ventilated sneaker-boots.  I don’t notice the ventilation so much when I ride the K75RT due to the full fairing.  They are a heavy duty armored sneaker, so they are great for walking around once I get to where I am going.  Not stiff like traditional motorcycle boots.  I can wear them biking and then hikeing.

Aerostich Evap-O-DannaCool-off tie.  I took both these items with me to Bonneville last year.  They work great for a while, especially if you keep them damp with cold water.  After standing in the sun with the damp Evap-O-Danna for several hours I got tired of being wet.  This weekend I will get to see how it works when I am riding with it instead of standing around with it.

Cortech LRX Air jacket.  This is an armored mesh jacket that comes with a couple different liners.  The rain liner is like a waterproof windbreaker and can be worn on its own.  The warm liner is quilted and zips into the rain liner, so this jacket covers a pretty good range of weather conditions.  I have worn it in the rain before and I was impressed at how well the rain liner kept me dry, and it is slightly more comfortable than my rain suit.

I’m taking my net book on the trip, so hopefully I’ll be able to update my blog each night.  Tune in tomorrow!


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