Posted by: Jessie | June 18, 2010

On the Road!

I zoomed out of work right at 5:15.  I was home by 5:30, and we were on the road by 6:15.  Just in time to catch the tail end of rush hour.  Eric knew some sneaky ways around a lot of the traffic.  We took 338 to 127 to Frankfort, KY.  Did you know that Frankfort is the capital of KY?  I didn’t.  Until today.

Mr. Happy is ready to hit the Bourbon Trail

127 is a lovely two lane road that goes over hill, over dale, past brush and past briar.  Over the river, through the woods, past cow pastures and barns.  It’s a charming shady road with little traffic.  We had a lovely ride to Frankfort.  We checked into the hotel and after a quick shower we headed to Johnny Carinos.  Yummy.  Now we’re relaxing at the hotel.

I went ahead and wore the Cortech jeans.  I had already packed the other jeans.  I don’t feel comfortable going on a trip with just one pair of jeans.  What if I spill something?  So I wore the Cortech jeans and they were more comfortable today then they were Thursday.  I guess it’s because the temperature today was only 87 degrees and the humidity was much lower.


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