Posted by: Jessie | June 22, 2010

On To Bardstown… Jailer’s Inn

We took a break after our tour, ate some Cliff Bars, drank some water, and then got back on the bikes and headed to Bardstown.  We took more lovely roads.  Kentucky has nice roads.  I would love Kentucky if it weren’t so darn hot.  Did I say it was hot?  Really hot.  It was hot out.  My kevlar jeans were sticking to me.  Ick.

Eric and Mr. Happy in the stocks in front of the Jailer's Inn

When we got to Bardstown we went straight to the bed and breakfast and checked in.  We stayed at the Jailer’s Inn.  As we were checking in the guy behind the desk said “Oh… you’re staying in the dungeon.  They used to keep people who were going to be hanged there.  There was no windows, no light, no air.  It was just hot and dark.  People were chained to the wall.  Did you see the pictures of what it used to look like?  No?  There’s one on the wall outside the room.” 

Wow.  Just what I wanted to know about the room I would be sleeping in.  He opened up the courtyard so we could park our motorcycles back there overnight, and then he brought us a pitcher of cold water for our room.  We chatted with the staff and foiund out that the B&B is reputed to be haunted.  They had some stories aobut scared guests, but they did not tell us about any actual ghost sitings.  It turns out that the weekend staff only lives there on weekends.  The owners live there during the week.  (I don’t know where they go on weekends.)  Anyway, scared guests tend to make noise at night.

Our room was full of contrast. Two walls and the ceiling were hand-hewn timbers. The other walls were drywall with flowery wallpaper. There was a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.

Mr. Happy flirts with the cherub on top of the wardrobe.

Parts of the B&B were very nice and filled with antiques.

The back part of it was still a jail, but is now used as a museum. Nobody has been incarcerated here since the 1980's.

The men's jail cells just had bunks in them.

The women's jail cell has it's own bathroom. It has the two original bunks, but a waterbed has been added to make it a guest room. It is decorated with an Elvis theme. It reminds me of a dorm room.


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